Writing because…

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Words are a lens to focus one’s mind. ~ Ayn Rand

Do you ever feel stressed or overwhelmed?  Well late last year I felt I was gonna die!! I needed an outlet!! I’ve found writing to be a  great way to break up the monotony of my daily routines, release frustration, or find more peace.  The writings has so far been in the form of long posts on Facebook for friends birthdays, prayers that I can’t seem to voice or random scribbles in the middle of the night.

In the past three months I have noticed that I seem to go absolutely crazy at least two days per month.  I have therefore decided to increase these writing-therapy sessions so as to reduce my crazy days.  I have also decided to step up my game where my spiritual life is concerned.  I believe that writing has the power to help me see the beauty of God at work in my life experiences. When I express my thoughts and feelings in my nightly scribbles, I’m surprised by how much I discover about God in the process.   My greatest hope is that God will use these writing as a tool to transform me.

Writing is an outlet to another world, where my thoughts and I can be alone before facing reality.  I can say what I want without being judged. (via this medium they will become public and open for judgement, but oh well) As soon as my pen touches the paper it seems like my heart is healing. My writings show the many worlds I have lived in, and I also see change and growth. So here I am writing to grow!!

~Arabella Sleughton

Writing is its own reward. ~Henry Miller


12 thoughts on “Writing because…”

  1. As a fellow writer, I can definitely relate. Writing has definitely been really therapeutic for me as I’ve been dealing with anxiety and OCD. Good luck with your writing!

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