Multiple personalities

Are you annoyed with me right now? I can never really tell. It’s funny because I’ve abused you in some of the worst ways possible, yet you never seem to give up on me.   I’ve not been very impressed with you in the last couple of days because Lord knows I miss natty.   

Let’s look back into our  relationship together.

When I was a child, we were a great team. Mommy, the hairdresser down the street and later Rose next door did a great job. You were most beautiful!!

When I grew up a bit relaxers were all the crave and I just had to give you that look whether you wanted it or not.  Years passed and you had many colours and lengths and you stuck by me.

But natty emerged because she had to!!! Natty and I  had our ups and our downs, those were tough times, but we got through it together.  Later I got mad at natty and masked her again but we couldn’t stay apart and again she was given time to flourish. Natty grew down to my shoulders and incidentally, I got into all of those natural beauty regimes. She was so happy, even when we would sit in the bathroom together over that yellow creamy pudding she loved so much. We got so many compliments  and I’m not sure we’ve ever gotten along better.

But alas, we were never meant to be friends and so, tensions soon began to arise between us and again she was gone.

Don’t get me wrong I do love you this way because you are stubborn but also kind of shy about your stubbornness, just like me. This is the best straight relationship we’ve had thus far because natty lingers. Just a little bit of frizz here, an untameable kink there. Natty you are quietly persistent, insistent, resistant to manipulation. Sometimes people look at you and think you are well-behaved, but it’s just an act. Because even though straight is dominant now natty lurks.

I’m hoping that by this time next year natty will be here to stay.

Natty I know that too much has probably happened for us to ever be friends, and I respect that. But I hope that someday we’ll feel at peace towards one another.

You’ve looked so different at different stages in my life. I love you because you remind me of me, the person, because I am learning more and more how to manage you, to fix you when you need fixing, but most importantly, to accept you for what you are. You’ve grown with me. I’m learning to take better care of you along with the rest of me.

You’re going to keep changing. I’ll love you through thick and thin, frizzy and smooth, natty and straight,  light and dark.

via Daily Prompt: Natty


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